Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyone loves the First Day of School!

Who was ONE of your favorite teachers...and why?

Only a few words of narrative needed. 
"You know who" was up at 5:45
Coffee was required! (by me - not sure he'll ever need it!)

First Grader Extraordinaire.

It's a wee fuzzy.

Yeah for Grandmas!

The 3rd Graders

I'm still getting the hang of everyone out the door at 7:30 - but we made it =)

And you know by now....this blogger desires input, conversation, sharing, not just a whooshing sound left by lurkers.  I don't care if it's anonymous, or on facebook...please answer the thought question, please with a smile on top?  =)  I always appreciate those of you who do!   
Who was ONE of your favorite teachers...and why?


  1. One of my favorite teachers was my first grade teacher. Miss Janice. She was SOOO fun. Not only a great teacher, but a good friend, too! One time, when we were doing something OUT of school, I called her Miss Janice. She told me "When we are not at school, I am JUST Janice." Guess what my family started calling her??? JUST JANICE! She is still a wonderful person!
    My cousin Becky was a pretty great teacher too....always had a way of making things new and exciting. She also had awesome ideas of rewards for completed work. Thankful for wonderful teachers!

  2. I learned so much from all my teachers, but could anyone be sweeter than Emily Bauman?

  3. Ya know, I can't even remember her name now, but she taught British Literature at CSUS. She was tough and made me work hard to earn my grade. Since her approval was rare, it made me feel great to have it.

  4. My favorite teacher....hmm I didn't have a favorite.

  5. They were all great! But I guess my fav was probably Dan Crawmer. Although he knew alot more than I did, he wasn't afraid to come down to my level, laugh with us, have fun with us. I can still vividly remember him sitting down beside me in the computer room for my first computer lesson.....remembered that this morning as I copied and pasted. LOL *sigh* This is making me really nostalgic...

  6. I enjoy every post you share. :) Special to see your kids on their first day! Of course I only had one teacher...so she is obviously my favorite - my Mother. :)

  7. Autumn - love that story, sounds just like a child - sometimes mine get stuck on using both first and last names...esp. with someone they just met. Was that Becky H?.
    Kristen - Emily definitely was and is a sweetheart!
    Chris - I know what you mean.
    Kendra - it seems odd now to think of him with Junior High, hope those younguns appreciate him! He hasn't lost his enthusiasm for learning
    Rosie - Thanks for the encouragement...I think homeschoolers should have first day of school posts too =)

  8. Amy Etter~
    Her cheery smile and great attitude was always made me happy!!! Still does when I see her:)

  9. 2nd Grade -Mrs. Chaney
    4th Grade - Mr. Brandt
    Jr.High - Mr. and Mrs. Day: taugh me how to apply myself and work hard!
    High School - Mr. Fobert: Never would have passed Geometry w/o him!
    Mr. and Mrs. Ussery - Taught me to enjoy science and writing.
    Mrs. Voves - best tennis coach ever!
    And many more - oh, wait you said just one? Not sure I can pick just one.....so many were instrumental in my education and making school a great experience! Great question......can't wait to start our year out back here.

  10. My nicest teacher was 1st grade, Mrs. Fernandes. My most memorable teacher was Miss Cox...She was very tall...very slim...had dyed red orange hair which she wore in a French roll or in a bun...wore bright red lipstick...had long painted nails, orange or red! Her signature mark was a bright red kiss on the cheek on your birthday...she always made a big deal about it...you can imagine how 3rd graders would feel about that! Unforgettable!!!

  11. So glad you figured out how to post, Mom, that story is GREAT! =) lol

  12. Hmm... I really enjoyed Denise Metzger's Am. Lit. class..., Remember cooking class with Arlene Peters & Maryanne Bowman? And Esther Huffman's ettiquete & sewing? I sure wish I could remember all the CLE 1st Grade Rhymes: a-a-a-a-apple red, keeps us healthy, it is said. My least favorite teacher was whoever was teaching math that year... numbers. bleck. and double bleck. oh. maybe that was math right there.

  13. I will never forget Dale Bowman's daily/weekly quotes....an empty boxcar rattles the loudest...and other wise proverbs. I think JR high and Old Oak Ranch are some of my favorite school memories.

  14. I would have to say Emily Bauman, she was so sweet and fun and still cares about her old students. Have lots of fun memories of Kindergaten. Loved Kathleen and Jaima, too! And, like Caro said, loved the cooking and sewing classes by Esther, MaryAnne, and Arlene. Thinking about this has brought lots of memories flooding back! Only hope our children can have great memories of good times with friends and teachers like us. We are blessed! Deborah

  15. This is really fun reading what everyone has to say! Definately a lot of memories come flooding back when I try to answer this question. Amy Etter was a lot of fun..still is! I had a first grade crush with whom I passed a lot of notes..really pretty ones with lots of color crayon pictures etc. Well, Amy put an end to that! We couldnt pass notes anymore. Fast forward a few years and look whose my student at work! We sure had fun telling people that she was my first grade teacher and watching their faces! Margaret read "For One Moment" and many other good stories. Aunt Marcia made English come alive for me. Uncle Dale was encouraging and always approachable and accepting. Dan Crawmer stands out as so patient and passed on an enthusiasm for learning. And many more:)


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