Friday, August 26, 2011

Coming up....

I was quite excited yesterday to blend a double batch of Peach Pluot Jam together and can it into beautiful little brand new jars that I purchased with the proceeds from my last Jam Jamboree.  Heard Smith Ranch's last day of fruit was today, so I zipped over there after carpool and got 2 more flats of Pluots. 

There are plans brewing in my head for Pear Pluot Jam and straight Pluot Jam.  Someday soon I'll post pics and details (soon being a relative term - still not sure how these homeschooling Moms of 5+children manage to blog multiple times a week.  Maybe they do it while their children do the schoolwork?) 

There is also a "Pepperonchino Post" in the works, as well as "Corny Day"

But first...(as always) there are special people coming for supper tomorrow night and this house looks like the domain of someone who has been sewing, supervising children and canning...You can conjure up whatever image you like!

If you are a foodie, check out my dear friend Carolyn's blog.  If you like a truly "laughing out loud" motherhood adventure blog, go see Kendra.  I enjoy quite a few blogs and might crosspost from time to time.

Thought question...hehe...(very complex)  I'm thinking of doing a link party re: laundry stain tips.  Yes, or no?

So that's the menagerie on my mind.


  1. I have no laundry tips to give but I would love to hear what other people have to say! I like the pictures of the boys shucking corn in their P.J's :)

  2. Laundry stain blog? Go for it! I know I can always use another good method of getting out "them toughies!"

  3. wish you were here to sell some of your jams, etc. at our Brick Farmhouse event......
    your kiddos are darling

  4. Sounds like a topic I could use some input on.....Another topic I think you would be good at sharing is School Morning Routines! How to get them up, fed and out the door!:)
    I will be back in the groove of this next week.:)
    Have a blessed day,

  5. I'm never without Greased Lightning! That's pretty much the only laundry tip I can come up with. LOL

  6. I finally messed around with my google/blogger account and actually got it to work, so I can leave a comment on your blog! Hooray! I think doing projects like putting up corn together as a family makes awesome memories!


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