Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Deedle deedle dumpling, my son John.
Went to bed with his MONKEY PAJAMAS on
One shoe off and one shoe on....
Deedle deedle dumpling, my son John.

What I neglected to put in put in poem form was how he also got to take his freshly mended "Bll-uuu Bll-ank-ie" (Ever since he learned special sounds - thanks Teacher!  he speaks with defined "syll-ables")  ANYWAYS...a while back,  scissors were banned from his hand (for 3 long weeks) when I discovered mulitple items with a fresh "change" as Amelia Bedelia did to those towels.  His aforementioned blue blanket...his BEST sheet that Mary got for a song at Dilliards.  His brother's blanket...he was obviously enjoying the experience.

Tonight I was mended his was freshly washed today...and he had been begging asking me to do it for a while.  As I did, I told him a little bit how his mended blanket shows us the consequenses of sin. God forgives our sin, just like I forgave his cutting.  He helps us put our lives back together...mends the blanket.  But there will always be a scar (The blanket is minky so mending it made a little ridge).  That is one reason why sin is never worth it!  I need to remember this vivid picture when the oreo cookies are calling loudly from the top shelf.

Today I overheard Aaron tell Sarah while I was back in our room putting laundry away,  "YOU MARCH RIGHT BACK TO MOMMA AND TELL HER WHAT YOU DID!"   Voluntary tattling?
 Ho ho big bro =)

So now I have a great place for all those funny things my children say...I'll just organize my posts with special labels.  =0 

I still have to work on the sheet. I'm not too excited about it as it is a rather big series of cuts.  But it IS a good sheet! I'm not one to preemptively throw away sheets.

I ALMOST forgot to include the "Though Question".  Gasp!.
What has God give you the grace to mend lately?
Opening up is hard, but it builds up the body of Christ


  1. God has opened my eyes lately to my horrible habit of "fault-finding". By His GRACE I am learning-ever so slowly-to have grace for others...realize I am no different than the ones I find fault with constantly. Who am I? A sinner save by GRACE! Praying the Lord will remind me of this constantly until I really GET it! Give Grace, Autumn....not criticism, gossip and scorn. Not an easy lesson. Beautiful post, Beth....thank you!

  2. Bummer about the extra mending...unfortunately I just end up all bent out of shape over things like that and never recognize the lessons to be gleaned.

    I love how I can look into my life and see how God has used grace extended to deepen relationships and find common ground that I never knew I had with others! thankful that it is extravagant!!!


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