Monday, August 15, 2011

Life With A Family: Operation Jackets-n-Hats

Life With A Family: Operation Jackets-n-Hats

Let me know if you want to drop off here in Ca. I know who it is. We have some extra jackets/hats around here, that is for sure.
There are so many ways to show love to orphans...Thank you Jody, for helping us help others!

So you know my "thing" is a thought question.  In keeping with the theme of this post here it is.

Drumroll.....dadumdadumdadum....Thought question!  What are your favorite local places to donate goods or services.  Local means local to you.  I don't mean that we should all be bragging about what we share.  Just share your idea of a deserving charity close by. That way we can all be more aware of the needs about us.  Keep on brings much blessing.  Feel free to share links in the comments section.

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