Monday, September 19, 2011

What a Corny Title - "The Corny Day"

Our first batch
So you think you're just getting into a farm/corn/garden post that will tax you not the least.  If you've read my blog before, you'll know my proclivity to try to incline you to answer my "Thought Questions" at the end of the post.  Just warning may want to stop right here, close the browser and avoid thinking overmuch.

Ohh? Still reading???  Then you will be one of the ones to post an answer!!!  (smile)

One of my husbands favorite things to do is to provide us with lovely rows of delicious corn.  The challenging part is trying to "guess" when it will be ready and corresponding that guesstimate with opening up a day to process said corn.  We planted 3 crops this year.  The first one came off the weekend we went to Klamath Falls to visit A. Virginia.  So we sold it to a friend.  (Hi Jessica!)

The 2nd planting ripened at a fairly agreeable time - since A. Margaret was "off work" helping out after the accident, I called her, thinking she might enjoy coming.  Does she show up????? Nooooo, A. Janice comes with Grandma J. (our favorite corn cutter).  (Just kidding, A. Margaret =)) 

Now I knew how busy A.Janice was...but she said she wanted the corn for her freezer. We don't make a habit of turning away help =) We were blessed with Mom's presence - she arrived with knives, bowls and an apron. 

A little gravel doesn't hurt, right?

Now, Guess what...our 3rd planting is ready and we are going away on, my dear husband is going to help me process 1/2 of it tomorrow afternoon.  Shooo fly!  We are selling the rest of it, but I do believe it's all spoken for.  =) 
A. Janice entertaining Stephen

Grandma J. deftly silks our corn

I can never quite manage to get Aaron to look at the Camera
So, in case you were wondering; we planted Bodacious - a yellow sweet corn we've been partial to for quite a few years.  However, for our 3rd planting we planted Silver Queen, a white corn that is 15 days faster to harvest.  We ate some yesterday.  It's good, with a shallower kernel, but not quite as sweet as Bodacious.  As with life...plenty of pros and cons! 

Now for a kernel of Truth from this Corn centered post. God always provides.  We read tonight in devotions how the Israelites had manna given unto them until they entered Canaan and started eating the old corn. I'm pretty sure they were extremely HAPPY to be eating old corn instead of the manna they had been ingesting for their entire life.  There are many things that are hard to comprehend about the Isrealites' experiences from Egypt to Canaan and settling there.  We have almost no clue what life like that was like.  But we do know the Kernal of Wisdom to be true.  GOD PROVIDES.

Here is your thought question requiring brave answers
"What is one way GOD HAS PROVIDED for you?" - even if it's old cornish


  1. God has provided for me in so many ways! My house, my awesome family, my great job and employers, so many friends, and peace with Him...Wow!

  2. How has HE not provided for me? That might be easier to answer than how HE has..... there is nothing he hasn't provided for me.... nothing. Everything is from HIM.... and I love HIM so much! Thank you, Father!

  3. true how much God has provided! One way He has provided lately for us is through baby items that I wondered where we would get, how we could afford. Then two people offered, a pack and play and an infant car seat, I just thank my loving Father who cares about my big needs (grace) and little needs!


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