Sunday, July 31, 2011

They call them Dinnerplate's for a Reason

Since I started this "baby" blog, I'm taking more pictures...which is a good thing.  I have more pictures.  The downside is that I have more pictures to process.  But in this scenario...the upside wins! My true blogging challenge is the amount of time that photo work takes to get a blog to look good.  No one told me about this....ladies??? (eyebrow raise {:)

My beautiful white Dinnerplate Dalia.  No, I don't remember it's name.  I may have it stashed somewhere, but as much as I like to organize, it has not been something I've been able to keep track of.
By the kitchen sink

The beautiful thing about Dalia's is that you are supposed to divide them every 2 years.  That means every other year you get to double your yield.  For free =) Woohoo!
And! Gopher's don't appear to like them....but the slugs/snails/ants/earwigs do, so I have to faithfully put out the bait, otherwise, the plants never get out of the ground.  Literally!  In fact, I pretty much every year find a plant nibbled to the nubbins and put out the bait and do it again for a couple of weeks....and yabbadabba, they grow new leaves and forgive my thoughtlessness.

Random frugal thought of the day in regards to coupons (yes, I use them)

....You save the most money when you don't go to the store.

Profound, I know.

But it works!

Ok, here it comes.....drum rolllllllllll!  Question of the day....comments on fb links count........what first came to your mind when you read "frugal thought"?  hehe, should be interesting. 

just say so nicely =)


  1. Amen! is my answer to your question. Beautiful flowers....thanks for sharing.

  2. I use coupons occasionally, but I do best with a very specific LIST. Get in, get out and is better if I don't go in at all! =) *Need to plant me some Dalia's. We have OOOOODLES of snails here. Might need to buy stock in bait! Love the music....

  3. "you save the most money when you don't go to the store." I like that :)

    When I hear the word frugal it I think, "I should really be better about that!"

    Love your Dalia! Good to know about the gophers... I've hesitated to plant them because we have lots of gophers on our property.

  4. Frugal! Yay for frugal!!! And for friend who share frugal tips! :)

  5. I love your "frugal" tip. I've found it is so true....not only do I not spend the $$ at the store, I also do not waste the $$ on gas to get there.

    I'd love a dahlia....can they grow in the arctic? :)

  6. April - we have had tons of gophers this year. Grr! they stole all our cucumbers.

    Kendra - they are grown in Oregon, so there is hope??? =) Do you have tulips?


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