Friday, October 7, 2011

A Fall to Cherish

 Fall has arrived!  The shakers, sweepers, and pickup machines roared in here bringing dust,the happiness of harvested almonds...and pure joy to little boys...even my 15 mo. old liked to watch!  Look - you can even see the almonds falling into the nut buggy.

With fall comes the fun of changing decorations. 

Sharon bought some "fun" pumpkin seed for us this spring.  See the fruit that come from the planting?  Beautiful blue/green pumpkins.  Thank you Sharon...Thank you David...Thank you Lord!

 So, I'll admit here that I always feel challenged when decorating.  I lack vision in this area.  I never know what I'm doing ahead of time....just kind of do it as it sort of comes.  Sometimes it stresses me a bit, b/c it's just "hard".  There are so many of you who do such a good sisters...Kara, Jill (by the way, Jill, I am in total agreement with you about threads....can't stand unclipped ones!  =)  Deborah (loved her recent poetic post on wind) Melissa....what do these pictures scream to (any of) you that I need to incorporate?  Yes, I did add some small gourds to the pumpkin...I know that much (smirk)  Anyways...any advice would be lovely and much appreciated!

David's parents arrived a few days before John's 7th Birthday.  Great was the anticipation of the arrival of their vehicle....and all the cookies that came along. ;)

I love how Stephen just knows that they belong.  He's not been with them since Feb. except for a few hours in Klamath Falls this summer.

Because John's birthday was on Sunday and the family was all coming...and I know some of my limits...well, we had his birthday blueberry pancakes on Sat. the day before.  It was Sat. and my boys have some overalls that they *get* to wear on Sat.  Of course Grandpa brought his along!    We had a smashing crew that day, the house got pressure washed, gravel blown free of leaves and wetted down, and the windows were made to sparkle.  Happy smile!

Sunday - Birthday Celebration!  Since Grandpa and Grandma are here, and Aaron (whose birthday is in 3 weeks) is getting a "friends" birthday party this year, we combined their celebrations for the first time.  John got to pick the cake theme, and the birthday food.

Mary kindly read while we all wait for meatballs and mac cheese to get ready.

 He was tooo fast for mom to catch him blowing.  "TOOT, TOOT"

 One of our "requirements" is that the birthday card is read before the gift is opened.  The boys both received cowboy boots and flashlights.  Hmm...sleeping? In bed? With a flashlight?  *fun*

 Derby hats...and a watch.  Little brother has one too.  I'd better watch out, or my cousin Susanna might come steal them for a day =)
Last but not least...the "bruder" backhoe.  Has your child ever poured over the little catalogs that come with some items?  My boys brought home a Bruder catalog from Wa...and did they ever "brood" over that thing!  =)

Early the next morning, I caught my son outside looking like this.... a new mitt will do that to you.

this picture was why he was "sent" outside....I don't CARE if you don't plan to let go of the ball =) We have too many large windows in our living areas!

This made me realize that my children are growing up!  I've never seen them all playing any type of sport together, and Aaron and John were trying to teach Sarah how to catch the ball.  Makes a mother's heart kind of *sing* =)

Monday...we also did laundry...and Jon and Chris came over in the eve for supper.

 Sometime, I still want to do that comparative laundry stain remover post.  I'm working on documenting the evidence.  We are NOT in short supply of available pieces for treatment. ;)

One of Sarah and Stephen's favorite games is "Hide and Seek behind Mom's dresses"  Giggles galore and entertained children...what more could I ask for?

Not sure how I'm feeling towards my Brother and Sister-in-law.  See that multicolored object in my daughter's hand?  Her older brothers have one too.  And Stephen learned how to blow on them.....
WHISTLES!  all the way from France.  "Outside! or downstairs with the DOOR SHUT" I proclaim.  Gracious...someone has to maintain my sanity...or else!  =)  He he, who knows, maybe I'll offer $ to the first one who can make their instrument melodic?

So, we've been busy, but a good busy.  Tomato soup and shopping.  Skyping with the cousins.  And in the midst of it all, trying to tame my brain that says...I want to accomplish this...and this...and this... and this... Reality!
Life is a balancing act.

And in the midst of it all, a phone call.  Reminding us that we have no promise of tomorrows.

That we must cherish the todays.

The sweet sharing between siblings, the cuddling of a sleepy 15 mo. old (LOVE!), and those ordinary goodbye kisses. 

Thought question - what are you cherishing today?


  1. Loved this fall-ish post Beth! Makes me want to get all my fall decor. out. Fun Birthday celebrations... love the hats :)

    Today I am cherishing sweet time at home with the "little" ones. And the cooler weather!

  2. Life. Precious, precious Life. Life Physical. Life Spiritual. The Giver of All Life.

  3. Looks to me like you pulled the decorating together just fine! I LOVE the layers of fall produce in the jar. I thoroughly enjoy decorating and I just work with what I have till I like it:) One tip I have it fun ribbon. Ribbon always adds an extra pop if one is needed:)
    I love that birthday cake - perfect!

  4. Jill - Thanks I saw it on Pinterest =) I agree with you re: ribbon. it can do alot! Thanks for your input.

    @ Carolyn and Danita - Amen!


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