Friday, October 21, 2011

Caramel Pear Butter

This concoction was suggested by my sister Sharon, who pinned the following link on Pinterest. (How are you all liking this Black Hole Pinterest?)  Knit & Nosh recipe location

I followed fairly closely to the recipe, substituting only cooked pears for fresh (I had a lot and tend to be a bit of a fresh fruit hoarder...LOVE the stuff).  As far as technique, b/c I had already cooked them, I didn't get the Victrolia Food Mill out of Grandma's garage, but instead used my Bosch blender. 

This recipe chain makes me laugh a little because Knit and Nosh also references the recipe she found and changed to her liking.  I haven't yet tried it in my oatmeal, but it is excellent as apple dip, as well as ELEVATING A PB&J TO NEARLY GOURMET!

Thank YOU, GOD, for pears, and sugarcane, spices, and lemon trees.  You make all things beautifully.  Our creations come only from your MASTER DESIGNED building blocks.  For YOU alone are worthy of all praise. 

Limited Edition as usual - I think I have 8 extra jars. They come with ribbon bedecked and sporting lovely labels for instant gifting =)  Contact me on my Aria Gardens facebook page to order a jar (or 2 or 3)

Hmmm, I only have 1 jar of Apple Butter in my pantry....maybe that will be next?  But, there is also a "Pink Pear Extraordinaire" recipe tugging at my apron strings.....AND THE POMEGRANATE TREE IS RIPENING!  

Well, you know I always have a "thought" Question....Which one WILL I make next? 


  1. OKAY... I've been looking at that Black Hole link, too. Think I'm gonna try this one. Drool. (And make 'em both)

  2. This looks so amazing Beth! Love the sweet embellishments too, it really would make a great gift for someone.

    "Fruit hoarder"... you make me laugh :-)

  3. You are officially invited to come over for a cup of tea! Bring your yummy creations and enjoy a day of long over due "friend time" - wish the miles were closer so this could be a reality - oh and bring some friends with you!:)
    Blessing to you friend.....

  4. Let's say, "Pink Pear Extraordinaire". The name itself is enchanting!

  5. Thank you, my dear friends - and that applies to each of you! - for the encouragement. I do think that is the name I will go with, Deborah. And Danita - me too! there would be at least 2 others on the plane with me and if I was really flush, an international ticket. =)

  6. Would be so fun to have a girls trip like that! We love our pear butter on oatmeal, pancakes, and bread. Love to you, Deb


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