Monday, October 17, 2011

Exploring my amatuer creativity

Creativity - I often feel a major lacking of this wonderful personality trait.  It has been said "There are different ways to be creative...." and that is TRUE.  I follow a blog from a woman who likes to organize even more than I do.  Check out this latest post.  Cereal boxes?  Really?  Very cool! Her previous post features oatmeal containers.  SHARON... you aren't allowed to look at that one.!

So, me, the least creative of the family looks at making Christmas gifts with a bit of a cringe.  Not really my thing.  But this IS going to be my thing...and I found a wonderful site with lots of ideas.  I'm NOT sharing it.  =)  Mostly b/c my family reads this blog and they might snatch some of my ideas...or figure out what I MIGHT be making them.  (smiling)

But I will share a couple of cute children ideas.  Carolyn, the owl makes me think of you. Not sure why =) Now the question...I always have challenges when matching fabrics.  do I go with what I have that does coordinate, knowing my children will probably like it just b/c I made it and i have dresses that match?  Or should I go get fun stuff at the store.  Niether takes much fabric, so it's not like it will break the bank.  

Both come from the blog Make it and Love it

 Aren't they adorable?
There - That is your thought question.  Let the opinions FLY!


  1. That owl is adorable! I know what you mean.. Pretty sure creativity has passed me by! :) I see cute ideas, but very rarely get them carried out! I like to organize, also, though most people looking at my house would say, "You do?" I like the organization blog you linked too, except it moves very slowly on my computer. Must be a lot on it to load..

  2. Hmm... maybe it's the googly-eyes/glasses... :) Yup, they're cute! too bad I'm not :P

  3. They are really adorable! I keep waiting for the day when I have time to make everything that's on my idea list (or at least my Pintrest account)!


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