Friday, October 7, 2011

Forgotten Tuesday

So I've waxed poetic (or as poetic as I get) about the blessings of having company.  Lately I've been following a couple of "31 days to" blogs, and one of them is "31 days to a Warmer Connection"  Check it out if you like having company or desire to grow in appreciation of it's blessings.  Yesterday when blogging about my busy week, I rather skipped right over Tues.  Just forgot that I had these great photos on my camera.  

I have a friend from my home district who moved out of state when we were 12.  She is one of those friends who regardless of how long you have been out of contact... you can immediately start talking and feel right at home!  She is an inspiration to me on a variety of fronts.  Godly wife and mother to 7 (4 of whom are adopted).  God has blessed me through her.  A question she asked while we were visiting the other night is my thought question for the post...."What gives you peace" 

The "great" pictures are NOT so great from a photographer's standpoint...except that they capture exactly what was happening.  It was that moment after part of the company has left and the rest are about to....and then....Laurie and I became aware of the din and began laughing.

One side of the room
The other side of the room....each of us intent and vigorous in our conversation! 

The 14 children lined up and exercised the tire swing and rope swing =)  Sarah and her new friend had a blast in her "kitchen"  It is fun to think that these young people might spend time together in YF sometime!

As far as food goes?  The evening is proof that "what" you serve doesn't matter as much as you might think. I actually served a casserole. (I haven't done that very often)   No, it didn't have a cream sauce.  Brown rice, chicken, honey, peppers, wine, mustard, pinapple.  It's pretty good. And handy b/c you can prepare it ahead of time!  Let me know if you want the recipe.  Then I baked Rhodes Texas Rolls - they are large and delicious and super easy.  Available at Winco.  A friend brought a beautiful toss salad. Green beans from our garden rounded out the main course.  Lime pear jello - easy and made the day before....and then...b/c I have lots of pie filling on hand...pie for dessert.  I was a little too hurried to take pictures.  Too bad really, b/c I used my fun leaf pie dough cutters to decorate the crusts a bit.  Maybe I'll use them again at Thanksgiving =)

Does anybody else always have that "panic" time about 2-3 hrs before company is due to arrive?  It gets me every time (just about!)  Do you have any solutions to share?

This was a school night, so that added a few variables...thankfully there was little in the way of homework!

Again....the thought question...."What brings you peace?"  Elaborate as you wish.


  1. Ha ha...I like the "conversation" pics! And yes, I almost always get that panic time too!
    What brings me peace...realizing again that God can be totally trusted with every area of our lives (as I see Him provide, and also as I feel His grace carry me thru hard times)
    Also peace as I sit down in the evening and enjoy the gift of my sweet lil family :)
    Love you!

  2. Rachel said it very well; being able to lay our burdens completely down at His feet- now to just do it! Love you both!

  3. Are you mennonite?

  4. @ Anonymous - No, but our denominations sprang out the the Reformation for similar reasons, just in different countries...we have a lot of similar beliefs. The most important being...Jesus Christ is our Saviour. I'll be glad to answer any other questions you have =) Have a wonderful day!


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