Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating with ....The Long Family

A month ago...or so, I was able to convince Anne to let me host a little Adoption shower in celebration of their soon adoption of 2 sons from Ethiopia.  Yesterday...Matt and Anne picked up their sons!

I had lots of help....Sharon made the banners (cute, yes?)  Mary decorated the cupcakes =)  Dana and Lorraine helped with other aspects of the menu.  Thanks to All!

I wasn't going to post pics on fb or reference it anywhere....then someone else did and well...this is just for the purpose of allowing you to praise the Lord that there are 2 fewer orphans in the world.  Perhaps to help someone realize...that no, we can't all adopt; however, there are many many ways to support and care for the orphans of the world.

This special-to-me lady (Donna R.) is Matt's Great-Aunt, and also the Grandmother of another couple currently in Ethiopia picking up thier new daughter

These new big sisters swept through the gifts...joyfully holding each new garment high for all to see =)

Anne and I weren't really together that much in young folks, she being several (eye roll) years younger than I.  But somewhere along the line, we clicked.  I used to take my boys to speech therapy near her house and we started exercising together regularly.  That quit after a few children...can you imagine 2 GB's on roller blades pushing joggers?  The trail was mostly hidden from the streets, but crossing Staniford and Prescott always mad me wonder what went through some of those drivers minds!

Anyways....the friendship...sometimes short on together time...has stuck.  And I cried yesterday reading about them picking up their sons. I'm so happy for the fulfillment of their dreams.  Keep them in your prayers, it's obviously a big transition...but we serve a Bigger God! 

I hope that everytime I see thier sons, I'm reminded of how gracious God was to adopt me as his daughter!
Here's the easy thought question....
What's your adoption date?  Mine was 12/15/91...oooh, I'm almost 20 =)


  1. 11-5-99 :)

    Lovely shower and for such a wonderful reason. :)

  2. 6/21/92

    Looks like a fun evening :) And what a sweet idea of yours!

  3. It was a very nice shower and I can't wait to see those little nephews of mine! My adoption date is 3/20/94.


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