Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camping from a Month Ago

Yes, a slew of camping photos, I post them here mostly as a story line for myself, knowing also that a few of you are actually interested.  The 1st night I spent at least an hour listening to the sounds of nearby campsites repelling bears.  THANKFULLY, the bears did NOT think our campsite as appealing as we did!

Can you guess WHY we have a canner with this label? =)
Smore cones are tops!
for some reason this makes me laugh =)

All better?

Games with Grandma Irene

 I'm a sucker for nature photos...someday, a slr will hopefully sling around my neck and it can do justice to the beautiful color/light. 
 The downtime of camping is truly a blessing
 Baby blues in the water
 Their logs were thier canoes
 Bear River Resevoir
One of J's many many many many self portraits. He's not as camera shy as his mom.
A. Sharon rented a motor boat so we could explore the lake.  Shockingly, the children were excited;)

The water line

 The campfire starting pro is passing on his tricks.


A tight swing to a different photo completely.  This cracked me up for some reason. =)   

Mr. Discovery...what the toddler years are all about.


  1. Looks like a very special and fun time!

    The logs for canoes is so great! Reminds me very much of something the kiddos in my house hold would do.

    The last picture also reminds me so much of my little man when he was that size and would get something to stand on and get whatever he was wanting. I caught him one time using a large jar of mayonnaise set in the bottom of the fridge so he could reach the shelf he wanted. Very self-sufficient!

  2. I like your 'coffee canner'! :) Looks like a beautiful week by the lake! Thanks for sharing your fun trip with us!

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful time camping! I imagine our little boys could find a lot of "fun" things to explore if they had a day to play together:)
    Have a great week!

  4. It was fun to hear of your camping time. We just arrived home from a weekend of camping and know first hand the fun of watching the kids explore and experience God's handiwork in nature. The large wolf spider in Gpa's tree stand, the hunting cry of the fox, the glowworms after dark, the turtles in the stream, etc. I'd love to hear if you have any special must fix meal ideas for over the campfire. Melanie


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