Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Pepper Apricot Chutney

What is a chutney?  A clutz who goes down a chimney? hehe...I think it is a funny word too.

I quote from one of my favorite canning cookbooks called The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard, "Whereas salsas have a light and fresh, lively taste, chutneys have a rich, smooth, mellow, sweet-sour taste. They are the perfect accompaniment to spicy an strong-flavored foods."

This cookbook has such a wonderful range of recipes; both the basics and the unusual ~ like this one, featuring, 

Red Peppers




Golden Raisens
Candied or crystallized Ginger

How could it NOT by good?  Oh, and I had to buy mace for it.  Add cinnamona and a touch of cayenne...and boy howdy, there is a reason I'm keeping these =)  I can't wait for the flavors to meld completely so I can put it over a roast chicken or pork loin.  

The cookbook pairs it with pork curries, duck, poultry, or lamb. 

Or in a Cheddar Cheese Sandwich.

Or on top of cream cheese and toast.

This is one of the options for the savory givaway...perhaps you are now persuaded to enter the drawing by purchasing a jar of jam....or by sharing the sale photos on my Aria Gardens facebook site
If you are new there, "like" the page and enjoy updates on my canning adventures. The drawing ends the end of August.

Drumroll....thought question....brace yourself!

Have you ever thought that an onion is a thing of beauty?

The onion I showed a picture of (above) was actually a botanical marvel in my eyes.  It was 4 onions grown into one.  I couldn't get a good shot/cut of the onion to show all four corners of it, but it intrigued me with it's swirls of purple and white symetrically juxtapositioned together.  The first shot shows one "corner" of the onion.  The second one, while dirty, shows all 4 "roots" 

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