Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sale + Giveaway + Recipe option

Back to School Jam Sale


Peanut Butter and Peach Pluot Jam

Peanut Butter and Berry Cherry Jam

Peanut Butter and Apricot Pepper Jelly

And for Mom?
Cream Cheese and Cherry Apricot Preserves

Apricot Pluot and Grilled Cheese

Jars are $6 for 16 oz
$4 for 8 oz
50c off if you trade me an empty jar

Message me on my Aria Gardens facebook page to order today
SALE RUNS THROUGH the end of August 2012
I have 4-5 jars of the pluot jams available, but only 1 of the Apricot Pepper Jelly, and only 2 of Cherry Apricot Preserves.  The Chutney, I'm keeping, except if you WIN =) I also have 1 jar of BLUE BOY jam available and 2 jars of BERRY CHERRY.

Giveaway - you can choose one of my Savory Creations if you win. 
Enter to win by sharing my photos on fb and/or buy purchasing a jar of my limited edition of jam.

Thought question: do you freeze sandwiches ahead for lunches? If so, which kind?  Have a great day and let me know if you ever want a recipe, I'm not stingy about them, just don't enjoy typing them out!


  1. Yes; this year I froze Ham & Cheddar on White, Pastrami & CoJack on Wheat, and Turkey & Provolone with Pesto on Foccacia. Need to get the PB&J done...

  2. Great idea. I never thought about freezing the sandwiches ahead. That would be a great timesaver!


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