Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Honor of John - C.G.B.G.B

The Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend we decided that we weren't going to go camping that weekend. Why?  A variety of reasons made it not the best time.  So to "make up" for it, we planned a fun weekend.
  • C - campfire meal
  • G - gardening
  • B - beach
  • G - gardening
  • B - baseball
 These almost 2 yr olds are just a week apart in age =)

No comments needed =)

It wouldn't be a campfire without some singing.

Enjoying those smores cones.

 A campfire evening with those we had been planning on camping with suddenly came into question when it started raining Fri. afternoon.  We left the decision until a hour before....and it stopped just in time!  Our meal was simple and "campfirish" - even if we cooked on the propane stove.  I made what I had been going to fix for our group supper.  Zappatos Red Beans and Rice mix with sausage added.  The others brought cornbread (Trader Joe's mix with an added can of corn - so good!); watermelon, and smore cones. "Smore cones" you say? Yes, Sharon discovered them on Pinterest. Due to the chance of rain, David nixed the setting up the tent in the backyard idea, promised the children they could sleep on the trampoline.  But we were having a little cold snap (as in it snowed close to where we wanted to camp) and they soon came in =)

The next day was a garden day.  It needed weeding and watering and attention in lots of different areas.  But we focused on the boysenberries.  David patiently ties up the new growth so that it is much easier for us to pick them. 
 He wears gloves and holds the stems up.  I tie them where needed and he weaves the stems if possible.  Aaron spent quite a while cutting our twine and then weeding the walkway by the berries.  Yeah!  I don't have to wear jeans to pick them now.
 Most Saturdays will find Sarah in denim - we are just outside most of the day. Correction, David and the children are outside most of the day, and I join them whenever possible. 

The ocean was beautiful, but windy.  Sadly, my camera got left at home. We enjoyed supper at Sea Harvest - Thanks A. Margaret.  I get a kick out of watching the sea lions there!

The next day we gardened some more, followed by a baseball game and picnic with friends....we definately have many blessings in life.  So thankful for this country to live in, for godly family and friends. 

Oh, and John is on an acronym kick.  I vividly remember annoying my friends with my named based acronyms....I'm so sorry!  I won't name them here =)  You can do the honors in the comments section if you feel inclined! 


  1. Fun post! :) Love the idea of a big fun campfire as substitute for going camping!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Fun pics!

    And I got a little giggle out of your acronym comments!


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