Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flashback - Somebody Special Turned 5

Way back in Febuary, little miss turned 5. She heard about her 10 yr old cousin in Ore. who had had a tea party for her birthday party. Viola! My almost tomboy declared that her favorite birthday party theme would be Tea Party...yes, it rather surprised me. Then, I just felt sad. You see, the last tea party I was at was Grandma Mary Jane's 85th birthday party, when little miss was 3 mo. old. Grandma loved pretty china and all the ways that a table can be made beautiful. So this party was a little bit a way to honor her - to pass on to my daughter, that the simple can be made beautiful. Really, isn't that what God did, took "simple" DNA...little molecules..ADGC and created life. Beautiful, spectacular, amazingly unique life. Thank you Grandma....for lovinging the beautiful in life!

 My sisters even know how to make jicama beautiful!

Mini cupcakes w/ flags - thanks A. Mary!

Chocolate covered strawberries WITH sprinkles!

Blueberry Lemon Scones from Cooks Illustrated....mouthwatering!

The ever determined birthday girl getting rid of the smoke. =)

Her actual birthday was special too. We (she, youngest man, and I made blueberry pancakes...our family birthday tradition)

Yes, it's a penguin with sunglasses....yes, he loved it =)

A. Sharon came and ate lunch here, then she got to go out for a birthday lunch with Daddy. 
She is so blessed!

Grandma Irene came over and let Sarah help a little bit making the placemats tea party worthy. 

After all, you are only 5 once! 

Do you remember your 5th birthday?  I don't. But that is hardly shocking....I have an anemic memory.

Thought question?  Look around you...what beauty has God placed in your life right now? 

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