Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In a Jam with my Hobby

I like jam...ok...make that Homemade Jam. Mostly just on bread, but occasionally I've been known to put it in cookies, on a ham, or on ice cream. The boughten stuff doesn't even belong in the same realm.  I think that I've bought a total of 2 jars of grape jelly (for specific recipes) in my eleven years of cooking.  Over the years I've developed more and more of a jam hobby. Normal jam like strawberry, and boysenberry. Different ones like peach pie preserves.  Apple butter, Blueberry lime, and my all time favorite....CHERRY BERRY.  Why is Cherry Berry my favorite?  Boysenberry is great, but add cherries to the mix and great jam turns delectable. Although...Boysenberry has a perfect tartness to it!

Canning jam is just one facet of canning...most of which I enjoy (chicken, while handy, is just boring to can). It took me a while to decide why I got a  thrill out of canning.  Ok, it makes one feel domestic.  But more than that, I think that my semi-fascination with it comes from good memories of Chem lab.  Glass jars, straight lines of beakers, boiling for precise amounts of time, and the ever present journal. Yes, I managed through 2 yrs of Chem.  There is nothing like lining up your jars in straight rows after they come out of the canner.  And the thrill of notating in my canning journal how many jars completed this year compared with last year and then the columns showing how much our family consumed in the last 12 months. The dormant scientist in me wakes.  You see, there are many things I'm not terribly particular about...but my canning journal is kept up to date!   David even gave me a 9qt. canner for my birthday this past year  He knows me well.

So, all this to say, rather unsuccinctly, I like to can jam.  I can jam a lot.  I have tooooooooo much jam on hand.  So, if you would like to help get me OUT OF THIS JAM go to my facebook store site Aria Garden's Facebook .  I will occasionally put up a limited edition sale.  For example, I currently have some CHERRY BERRY and BOYSENBERRY jam available. I enjoy putting cute little labels on the tops of the lids, and if you want to give them as gifts, I will also put a ribbon around the top - Free =)
Cherry Berry Jam - 4 Jars available

Someday, maybe I'll have neat photos of me actually canning the jam, but I'm not very good at that sometimes it doesn't seem as though my durable mottled yellow tile is very photogenic...just saying! =)
Boysenberry Jam - 3 Jars Available

Remember, if you are new to this blog.....PLEASE RESPOND TO THE THOUGHT QUESTION!  There will always be one, and it makes blogging so much more fun.  Commenting on my facebook crosspost counts =)

Thought question: which household task; fun or otherwise do you most enjoy? Men, this applies to you as well!

Berry picking at it's Best!

Monday, June 13, 2011

ONE YEAR - Baby you've grown!

The Birth

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 Months - His First Meal

7 Months

8 Months and crawling

9 Months

10 Months - Effective Vacuum Stalker!

11 Months - climbing on the rocking chair
12 Months - I think his siblings enjoyed his birthday more than he did.  However, he tore into the package that came in the mail quite readily!  Next Sunday we'll see how well he likes cake.


May you grow up to become a man of God who loves God and serves both God and those around you.  Your smile is fabulous.  Your siblings adore you.  You are one blessed little boy!

I can't forget the thought is the BEST thing about a baby?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is this common?

Blog post topics are swirling in my head...fellow this common? 
How do you handle it?  Organize on paper?  Pray - (always a good option)
Advice welcome....and posts sure to follow

Friday, June 3, 2011

Title explanation

Aria - it means song.  Our family loves to sing.  More about each of us later.  God created music within our hearts so that we would have another means of worshiping Him.  There are many types of music...I won't go into what I prefer at this time, except to say...a soprano aria is a thing of beauty.  Have you ever listened to "I will Sing unto the Lord" by Handel?  It is a soprano duet of Miriam's song of Thankfulness.  Makes my heart glad just to think about it!  

I also love hymns and lullabies - in's what I sing in this stage of life.  

Gardening...I used to work at a local that specialized in the more unusual plants. I started as "Moss Basket Designer" and then graduated (or took the opportunity for more hours) on to working in the bedding plant area as well.  My husband grew up growing  vegetables with his family.  It is now his hobby, his way of "relaxing".  So between the 2 of us...we GARDEN when we can.  Flowers, baskets, perennials, fruit trees, berries, veggies, a decent sized corn patch all inhabit our home place. 

In the spirit of analogies....the main plants in our garden are



and Stephen

They are young plants that take much care. Dull moments are hard to find.

Therefore...the amount of blogging I do will probably be minimal...except...I like to forwarned!
Last but not least....I prefer a conversation instead of a lecture.  So hopefully most posts will include a thought question.  If you spend the time to read this blog, please do it the justice of answering the question. 

Here's the first doesn't have to be amazing, does it?  
What music do you find beautiful?

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