Monday, March 26, 2012

Flashback - Christmas 2011

Christmas was lovely this year, we had 4/6  celebrations in our home - counting Thanksgivingtime Christmas with David's family.  It was a more challenging Christmas in one way (for me), and one of the most blessed of Christmas's in another.  I realized in Oct. that Christmas this year was going to be mostly handmade....not what I thought my cup of tea was (that design/create gene that I lack).  Lesson learned....Ebay, Etsy, Amazon...are all wonderfully handy and easy...but the truth is, neccesity REALLY is the mother of invention.  Once I got my attitude in check, I made use of the tools available to me...namely, websites with awesome tutorials, a creative mother/sister/aunt to bounce ideas off of, odds and ends in the sewing closet....and of course....the most challenging component of all - TIME.  I truly spent 2 months making things.  With little children and a home to run, there really aren't oodles of extra hours available.  I got a lot of ideas from this website Simple handmade gifts .  I made #'s 7, 8, 13, and 48.  There were several more that I saved that I never got year?  They really were simple and seemed to turn out pretty well.  Several people recieved aprons. They were all fun to make, and all quite different The following is the only one I have a picture of...hint hint =)  I was especially pleased with the denim one as it was an original, my denim trim package completed the apron with ~8" to spare....oh that made me happy!  One of the big challenges of making gifts is making sure that you have all of the correct accessories before the slotted gift making time arrives! You know, the joys of shopping with toddlers =)
Dad with his "work apron" - I cut the pockets off of old jeans that I'm saving for a beach a bizarre pair that my mom bought at a Thrift store....not acceptable for CAM, that's for sure =)

We made the mugs with the children - for a few family members and their teachers.  It was easy for them to color in the letters after I outlined them.  David got drafted to make the letter stencils...a Sunday afternoon project.

Both Jons/Johns got owls made from repurposed scarfs...I just about couldn't stand cutting into the Gap 100% merino wool one, but...I have enough left for a little clutch.  =)

A robe, several dresses (I just finished the last one! hurray =) even a table runner and placemats.  You know, I think that I might some day get into quilting...the math was kind of challenging and fun.  Getting all the puckers out...not so much.  The sisal rope bowls were neat...Deborah B...ask me about your connection to that story sometime.  I went to the thrift store and bought an inexpensive silver basket and followed the tutorial.  Basically, it just requires lots of planning.  Which equates to lots of time to think about how much you love the person, correct? 

 The previous Christmas I had purchased a Christmas cookie cookbook, and did nothing with it.  Like I've said before, artsy messes aren't my thing.  But this year, I thought it would be fun to make a special cookie with each child and use those for our friends/special people/neighbors cookie trays.  The children loved it, of course!
And if you ever want to make your husband flannel pajamas....don't bother with the cheap stuff....(family plug coming) Creative Handworks has a great selection of high quality, wonderful-to-snuggle with flannel - just ask! =)

David had to help me mold the napkin rings I was a great team effort...he formed them in the shop, brought in his etcher, and etched the Bible verses (double as conversation starters) on the fork and I went over the etching with a sharpie, then wiped the excess off with ethyl alcohol.  SURPRISE, I recieved a set to - all with verses refering to Creation.   Details are his thing

The homemade Christmas gift that will poignantly linger in my memory is the Tomato Soup I made for my Grandma Jarboe.  She never got a chance to have any.  For those of you who don't know my family well, she passed away the 3rd week of January.  We knew she wasn't doing as well in December. Christmas was a big effort.  I told the boys when we arrived at our school Christmas program that they were to MAKE SURE and thank Grandma Jarboe for coming to the program, b/c she hadn't went to a function in the morning so that she could be at their program.  I told them that we never know when it might be the last time."  =( 

She gave Sarah a doll called Tuesday's Child. So glad to have this picture.

 The dress Sarah is wearing was the one
 I made for her for Christmas.  Glad to have found an easy pattern that fits true to size
and works for cotton or cotton knit. 

More assorted Christmas pics

 I WILL climb onto this box =)

 Jon and A. Sharon

 John - very pleased with his Legoman headlamp...and new Mercy Watson books.  He would read a paragraph and then just giggle...hehe.

 Just a tad bit excited for Christmas breakfast -we always use these festively colored squarish plates from Grandma Wagoner.

 Stocking time!

We celebrated Christmas with
A.Virginia & Grandma Jarboe

None of us know what a year may's a beautiful lesson to each of us to cherish each one around the table - each and every time!

Part of our relaxing day with U. Jon and A. Chris the day after Christmas was...a man challenge
followed by fun for all

Oh, and I think a CHEESECAKE tradition for the Cover Family
Christmas celebration has officially been started!'s good to be back =) Any favorite memories of Christmas 2011 you want to share?


  1. YAY!! I loved hearing about all the special crafts/projects you made for Christmas! I'm still not sure how you accomplished it all! Good for you! :) Our family had one little person Added just before Christmas, which was by far our highlight. :)

  2. One of the BEST highlights possible, Rosanna =)


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