Friday, June 3, 2011

Title explanation

Aria - it means song.  Our family loves to sing.  More about each of us later.  God created music within our hearts so that we would have another means of worshiping Him.  There are many types of music...I won't go into what I prefer at this time, except to say...a soprano aria is a thing of beauty.  Have you ever listened to "I will Sing unto the Lord" by Handel?  It is a soprano duet of Miriam's song of Thankfulness.  Makes my heart glad just to think about it!  

I also love hymns and lullabies - in's what I sing in this stage of life.  

Gardening...I used to work at a local that specialized in the more unusual plants. I started as "Moss Basket Designer" and then graduated (or took the opportunity for more hours) on to working in the bedding plant area as well.  My husband grew up growing  vegetables with his family.  It is now his hobby, his way of "relaxing".  So between the 2 of us...we GARDEN when we can.  Flowers, baskets, perennials, fruit trees, berries, veggies, a decent sized corn patch all inhabit our home place. 

In the spirit of analogies....the main plants in our garden are



and Stephen

They are young plants that take much care. Dull moments are hard to find.

Therefore...the amount of blogging I do will probably be minimal...except...I like to forwarned!
Last but not least....I prefer a conversation instead of a lecture.  So hopefully most posts will include a thought question.  If you spend the time to read this blog, please do it the justice of answering the question. 

Here's the first doesn't have to be amazing, does it?  
What music do you find beautiful?


  1. I like classical music, but also like a variety of other Christian accapella. Martin and I like to go to sleep listening to music on the ipod...Fernando Ortega is a favorite :)
    I think its fascinating that Baroque era music is good for the brain. Sometimes I put on some classical for the children, and they like it too :)

  2. Hmm, beautiful music . . . Violins, horns, a full orchestra for sure - with a choir and an awesome soprano. There is music that stirs my soul though that I wouldn't label beautiful (for whatever reason) I would call it great or powerful or awesome - I don't know why, but there's just some music that gets me going, makes me want to sing - broadway show tunes and worship music.

  3. We love out hymns around here too, and do our fair share of lullabies... but I love earthy, folksy, bluegrass style music. Give me a fiddle, a banjo and a harmonica and I'm in heaven :)

    I will look forward to seeing you here my friend, whenever time allows.

  4. Harp. I read somewhere in some scientific study (how's that for specific?!) that the harp is the only instrument which vibrates in tune to the beat of the human heart, soothing and calming it. When I hear harp music it always rests my spirit and I think of when King Saul was tormented and he called for David the Shepherd to play for him and was soothed.

  5. Oh! I will really look forward to 'seeing you' on here now! :) ...Songs! Lots of beautiful many to choose from. I echo what the others have said already - classical, instrumental, harp, and we really like Gospel Echoes type quartet groups. :)

  6. Give me some good ole gospel the hymns.....and when all else fails....k-love! I am so glad that God created music. It is often a soothing balm to my soul.

  7. Rachel - I like Fernando Ortego too =) So far i only have some of his Christmas music. Since my computer sound is erratic, I don't use itunes or pandora much anymore.

    Chris - totally agree on part 1. and part 2 =) I still enjoy the music you downloaded on my laptop when you stayed with me, it's great to clean up the kitchen too =)

    April - I have A. Virginia to thank for my early exposure to bluegrass...i need to get the autoharp out more...sometime when you think about it, message me two of your favorite artists... =)

    Carolyn - neat quote about the harp music...I wonder if that holds true for autoharps, and the dulcimer? I still hum a tune occasionally that came from an old tape my aunts had of a dulcimer.
    Rosie and Autumn...have you ever heard "What wondrous love is this?

    Friends...thanks for posting! It makes this so much more fun!

  8. I love music with harmony, even if it's just "Happy Birthday" sung in parts! :) And so many favorite singers and groups: Gaither Vocal Band, Celtic Woman, Booth Brothers, Little Big Town, etc, etc! Great first question, Beth!

  9. What a neat blog, I found the link on Living in the Shoe. Do you know Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife?


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